About Us

Aboutus (medium) Loyal Oils is an upscale edible brand that takes pride in combining the mastery of fat infusion and water-soluble technology to create exceptional, chef-driven cocktail syrups and thc cocktails that are undetectably sugar-free. Our passion lies in offering an extraordinary edible experience that not only satisfies the most discerning palates but also provides an alcohol alternative that delivers strength and sophistication.

Located near the border of the Carolina’s, Loyal Oils is deeply committed to working with hospitality professionals and other cananbis businesses in the region. Through these partnerships, we ensure that our products are crafted with the highest quality, and we have a hands on role with responsible rollout in the bar/restaurant setting. By partnering and growing locally, we not only guarantee the availability of our products in this region but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community.

Our dedication to crafting superior products has earned us a loyal following from bartenders and other professionals in the hospitality industry. Renowned for their expertise in mixology, these professionals have recognized the exceptional quality and innovation that our products bring to their craft. Our chef-driven cocktail syrups and ready-to-pour cocktails provide bartenders with an alcohol alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste or sophistication, enabling them to create memorable experiences for their customers.

Working closely with bartenders, we have developed an extensive range of flavors that showcase the versatility and depth of our products. Whether it’s the delicate balance of our Caramel Brandy Pear syrup or the rich complexity of our Vanilla Spiced Orangeade, every flavor is expertly crafted to deliver an extraordinary sensory journey. The popularity of our chef-driven flavors speaks to our commitment to culinary excellence and our understanding of what consumers desire in their edible experiences.

In addition to our commitment to taste and quality, we recognize the value of providing an alcohol alternative. Our thc cocktails allow consumers to enjoy the strength and sophistication of a cocktail experience without the presence of alcohol. This provides a safe and responsible option for those who choose to abstain from alcohol or are simply looking for a different kind of indulgence. With Loyal Oils, consumers can savor the flavors, aromas, and social experience of a finely crafted cocktail, minus the alcohol.

In conclusion, Loyal Oils is dedicated to redefining the edible landscape through the combination of fat infusion and water-soluble technology. With our organic hometown following from the Carolina’s, our devoted following among bartenders and hospitality professionals, our wide range of chef-driven flavors, and our commitment to offering an alcohol alternative, we are setting new standards in the upscale edible market. Experience the excellence of Loyal Oils and discover an indulgent edible experience that is both sophisticated and sugar-free. Elevate your senses with our premium cocktail syrups and ready-to-pour cocktails today.